November 9 - Hungry Brain Chicago with Devin Flower




October 16 - Hideout Chicago with ONO, Gold Dime

October 4-7 - Rose Raft Artist Residency, New Douglas IL

October 5 - Foam, St. Louis with Golden Curls, Big Step, Oxherding

September 23 - Sleeping Village Chicago with Crown Larks, Ovef ow

August 20 - Songwriters series at the Hideout (solo) curated by Anna Holmquist

August 17 - 2 Peace Chicken Backyard Fest duo with Eric Wallgren

August 6 - Empty Bottle, Chicago with Slow Planes, Lake Mary

August 1 - Flood House (solo) with Henry Hank, Curt Oren

July 20 - Middlebrow Bungalow (solo) with Permacough, Kohl + Stewart duo

July 14 - Whistler for Apologue Intermission Series with PK Flyer

July 13 - Rare Air Season II on Governor’s Island, NYC w Tara Brutto, Cowboy Turns

July 2 - Schubas with Jessica Risker, Dogs at Large

June 10 - Bohemian Grove with Eric Wallgren, Infinite Neck, Bloodhype

May 21 - Empty Bottle with Mary Ocher, Forced into Femininity

March 23-24, 30-31 - “Fairfield is Beautiful” (a play!) at Charnel House Chicago

March 28 - Emporium with Bunny, Matchess for Running Up That Hill Series

March 2 - The Hideout with Living Hour, Choral Reefr

February 28 - The Owl with Fran, Plateau Below

February 21 - Hungry Brain (solo) with Big Syn, Woongi

January 12 - Empty Bottle with The Pom Poms (Kitty + Ricky Eat Acid), Not Lovely


December 15 - Schubas with Eyedress, Mia Joy

December 8 - Purple Llama with Sean Green

November 17 - Outer Limits Lounge, Detroit MI

November 16 - Unity Vibration, Ypsilanti MI

November 7 - Hideout with Peel Dream Magazine, RUINS

October 27 - Empty Bottle with Molly Nilsson, Emily Jane Powers

September 8 - Schubas with Bret Koontz Band, Joy Poppers

August 26 - Empty Bottle COMB FOR GOLD EP release for Fine Prints Label launch

August 17 - Hungry Brain (solo) with Wei Zhongle

July 15 - Empty Bottle Chicago with Courtesy, Media Jeweler, Richard Album and the Singles

July 6 - 2 Piece Chicken Dinner Fest in Chicago with GOSH!, PussyFoot, Tobacco City curated by Tobacco City

June 30 - Scrapyard Fest in Logan Square, Chicago with Sima&Macie, Accessory, Fran, J Fernandez, Deeper, Charlie Reed, Bunny curated by Bunny band

June 20 - Just Us Gals series at Sleeping Village curated by Kate Barutha

June 17 - High Dive Milwaukee with Apollo Vermouth, (ORB)

June 16 - Eagles 34 Minneapolis with Cult of Lip, Sauna Accident

June 15 - Bluelight Festival V in Highland Wisconsin

June 13 - The Whistler, Chicago with Choral Reefr for Stars Align Series

May 24  - The Owl Chicago collaboration with Jill Flanagan of Forced into Femininity, Matthew Mehlan, Wei Zhongle, DJ Home Malone

May 21 - Empty Bottle Chicago with Corey Flood, Fauvely, The Knees

May 12 - Cole's Bar Chicago with Fee Lion, Canter

April 7 - Cafe Mustache Chicago with Poplife, Problem

April 4 - Empty Bottle Chicago with FRIGS, The Hecks

March 22 - Hideout Chicago with Fetter, Spill Gold 

March 19 - Pinky Swear Chicago with Rose Ette, GOSH!

March 3 - Bric-a-Brac Records Chicago with Tobacco City

February 28 - Hungry Brain Chicago (solo) with Baby Blue for I Hear Voices series curated by Sima Cunningham

February 9 - Hungry Brain Chicago with Tobacco City, The Dan Ryan

January 27 - Cole's Bar Chicago with Health & Beauty, Lonely Trailer, Corn Dog

January 9 - Schubas Chicago with Courtesy, Corn Dog for SIKE ROCK series

January 7 - Subterranean Chicago for IAN'S PARTY festival 2018


December 19 - Pinky Swear Chicago with John Bellows & Glenn Hendrick, Fran, Sean Green

December 3 - Empty Bottle Chicago with Crazy Doberman, Tropical Trash

November 18 - The Compound Chicago with Izzy True, Nora Petran

November 14 - Empty Bottle Chicago with Black Sandwich, Pledge Drive 

November 11 - The Burlington Chicago with Advance Base, Sound of Ceres

November 10 - Chicago Athletic Association Hotel (solo) in a drone ensemble for Reverberations light installation 

November 5 - Reed's Local Chicago with GOSH!, Night Shapess

November 3 - WHPK Radio at the University of Chicago for Pure Hype series

October 23 - Owl Chicago with Glyders, Creeping Pink

October 20 - Happy Gallery Chicago with Mujahedeen, Flux Corsair

October 17 - Hideout Chicago with Candace (Static Thick Tape Release)

September 27 - Situations Chicago with Weeping Icon, Foster Care

September 15 - Archer Ballroom Chicago (solo) with TIME

September 1 - Cafe Mustache Chicago with Choral Reefr, GOSH! for SIKE ROCK series

August 19 - Chicago Athletic Association Hotel with Haley Fohr, VAIL, Sarah Squirm, Halle Butler, Mike Lopez for fields magazine presents

August 17 - Hungry Brain Chicago (solo) with Rob Sevier of Numero Group for Therapy Sessions series

August 10 - Hideout Chicago with Clark Stereo, Relevant Hairstyles

July 30 - Crown Liquors Chicago with John Daniel, John Mack for Neobeat Synth Oddities Series

July 18 - Cafe Mustache Chicago (solo) for Songwriting Series 

June 11 - Slow Pony Chicago with Bret Koontz, Relevant Hairstyles

May 15 - Hideout Chicago with Swampers, Angelina Lucero for COOL GIRL series

May 5 - Cole's Bar with Flesh Panthers, HAIR for Houseshow magazine

March 28 - Pinky Swear (solo) with Jessica Risker, Jenn Romero curated by Shelby Turner