Desert Liminal is a Chicago-based genre-evasive minimalist duo centered by spectral vocal melodies layered over low-end vintage synth, ambient samples and driving drum grooves. Thoughtful lyrical tone and instrumental texture combine to achieve a dark, atmospheric synergy focused on liminal, threshold states - grief, dissociation, retrospection and the experience of nonlinear time.

Desert Liminal’s gorgeous sound has its roots in a deep friendship
— Brittany Julius, The Chicago Tribune
Gauze Cave is droning, dark, and hypnotizing while also lending itself to haunting ambient pop. [Desert Liminal] focuses her grief into the intoxicating song — a song that is downright unforgettable.
— Andrew Ivan, Indie Shuffle
The Chicago-based duo Desert Liminal play with hypnosis, and their latest single ‘Pipedream’ is no exception to their spells.
— Colin S. Smith, Culture Collide Magazine
“This is music both nebulous and striking, like dreams that stick with you long after waking.”
— Jon Doyle, Various Small Flames

by Danielle Campbell

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